Transparency and the Democratic Process

  • Make all business dealings transparent to the public
  • Create new ways for the Public to interact with the Port and provide feedback and oversight
  • Return democracy and the democratic process to the Port and its practices

In Washington, ports were created as public entities with elected officials. This makes the ports accountable to the public and to the voters who chose them. It also means the public should have a say in what businesses the ports engage in.

As taxpayers and citizens, the ports belong to us. Ports have a unique opportunity to drive the economy for their counties. They do that by developing forward-looking businesses with input from the community. Ports should make their decisions in full view of the voting public and with accountability to taxpayers.

Given its location, the Port of Olympia has multiple partners it should be working with, in addition to the public—the City of Olympia, the Squaxin Island Tribe, state departments and agencies, local law enforcement and other first responders, to name a few.

To successfully accomplish its mission, the Port of Olympia must value these relationships.