Innovative Industries

  • Using the Port’s real estate holdings to create opportunities for renewable energy usage and the jobs it will bring and/or support
  • Exploring public internet service and the possibility of providing the service to all of Thurston County; using the revenue stream to create Wi-Fi hotspots in all of the county’s cities and towns

The Port of Olympia should be exploring opportunities to invest in innovative revenue streams. The Port is one of the largest landowners in all of Thurston County. This provides the Port with the opportunity to explore energy production through renewable sources. Our county can decrease its energy footprint, lessening the environmental impact we currently make while responsibly making use of Port-owned lands. This also provides the opportunity for economic growth and a much needed infusion of careers that pay a living wage.

The Port also has the exciting potential to become an internet service provider for Thurston County. We need to investigate whether we could compete with current internet service providers to give Thurston County a local choice for internet access. This would also allow us to provide Wi-Fi hotspots to all Port stakeholders throughout our county.